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As a Tampa or Tampa Bay area restaurant owner, the safety of your staff, your customers and your business is a vital concern. Part of protecting your business is ensuring that you have fire extinguishers that are in working order. We perform regular fire extinguisher inspections to keep you up to code and keep you …

Commercial kitchen fires all across the U.S. amass damage costs of more than $246 million every single year. It is important for restaurants nationwide, and locally in Clearwater, FL, to know what to do should a fire occur. What is the best line of defense? Clearwater fire extinguishers are convenient, effective, and easy-to-use. In order …

Restaurant owners spend a lot of their time putting out (metaphorical) fires. Restaurant fire suppression systems are the last thing you want to think about. But, to keep your diners, your employees and your business safe, you need to have a quality fire suppression system in place.
By taking a few minutes to learn about …

The Kitchen Knight II restaurant fire suppression system from Pyro-Chem. The Kitchen Knight II is an appliance specific fire suppression system designed for restaurant cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. Each cooking appliance is protected with nozzles carefully aimed at the optimum point to suppress the fire.
In the event of a fire, the Kitchen …

Commercial and automotive environments contain highly flammable hazardous materials requiring the fire suppression system to be both flexible in design and effective. The Monarch system is a pre-engineered dry chemical system that is used in paint spray booth and industrial applications. Depending upon the fire protection needed, the Monarch system can have either thermal …