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Emergency Lighting Inspection

Emergency Lightning InspectionWhen a building evacuation is required, functional and effective emergency lighting can mean the difference between an orderly retreat and panic. Prevent additional injuries during a fire, weather event, or simple power outage and ensure that rescue services can do their jobs as effectively as possible once they arrive on site. Contact Tampa Bay Fire Equipment, Inc., today to learn more about installing, inspecting, or repairing an emergency lighting system in your building, and stay prepared for any disaster you may face.

Be Ready – Test Annually

An emergency situation in the workplace is bad enough, but malfunctioning systems can quickly escalate the danger of what should have been a safe and smooth exit. As a building manager, it’s your responsibility to annually test your emergency lighting system. Make sure that your building is up to OSHA and LIFE SAFETY codes by maintaining your system with the help of one of our lighting experts.

A yearly maintenance visit will ensure that:

  • Security systems and additional features function properly
  • Personnel are prepared for a safe evacuation
  • Work can be resumed as soon as safely possible
  • Individual injuries and property damage stays at a minimum

What We Test

Our yearly inspections cover all code requirements, and we test every aspect of your emergency lighting system. During an assessment of your system, we will:

  • Examine the installation and mounting of your system
  • Make sure backup generators will keep your lights on in a blackout
  • Ensure your system has the correct layout and number of lights for your building needs
  • Use an electronic load simulator to test batteries and change batteries if needed
  • Test each light bulb and replace as needed
  • Perform a voltage test of your unit

Should any issues arise, we have the expertise to conduct a repair and get your emergency lighting system back to full functioning order as soon as possible.

Contact Us Today

Don’t allow your emergency lighting system to fall into disrepair. Contact us now to schedule a yearly maintenance test of your current emergency lighting system, update an older system, or install a new one. We are standing by to keep you safe!