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Emergency Lighting Services

Emergency LightningEmergency lights and emergency exit lighting are crucial to a safe workplace environment. When a fire breaks out, they maintain order, keep people from panic, and guide employees to a safe and timely evacuation. Every second counts when escaping from a fire, and our lighting systems can make all the difference in an emergency.

Don’t get caught in the dark – call Tampa Fire Equipment to install, inspect, or repair your emergency light systems today.

Emergency Lighting Installation

We’ll send a technician to assess your facility and determine exactly where to place emergency lights, floodlights, and exit signs for maximum efficiency. Our trained technicians will ensure that everything is up to code according to the NFPA and Life Safety codes.

Our hands-on approach to customer service and highly trained experts set us apart. Call today for more information about an installation!

Emergency Lighting Inspection

A fire emergency in the workplace is scary enough, but malfunctioning systems can quickly increase the danger of what could have been a safe and smooth emergency procedure. As a building manager, it’s your responsibility to annually test your emergency lighting system. Make sure your building is up to OSHA and LIFE SAFETY codes by maintaining your system with the help of our lighting experts.

A yearly maintenance visit will ensure that:

  • Lights and security systems function properly
  • Occupants can focus on safely evacuating
  • You can return to work as soon as it is safe to do so
  • Injuries and property damage will remain at a minimum

In addition, National Fire Protection Association standards require that emergency lighting systems are tested once a month for a minimum of 30 seconds and annually for at least 90 minutes.

Emergency Lighting Repair

Our round-the-clock repair service can replace batteries and light bulbs quickly, ensuring that your business can continue to function without interruption. Maintaining working lights is an important part of keeping up with fire code regulations. Regular inspections ensure that repairs can get done quickly and efficiently before you get caught in an emergency! Call Tampa Fire Equipment today for a free consultation about your emergency lighting system.