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Fire Extinguisher Services

fire extingusher salesFire extinguishers can save lives and property by quickly putting out small fires while you wait for help to arrive. However, they must be in good working order and be used correctly to perform these important tasks properly. Fire Extinguishers are considered the first line of defense before the sprinklers or fire alarm in your building have a chance to work. Having the correct fire extinguisher for the hazard is essential. Tampa Bay Fire Equipment offers a complete line of fire extinguisher services in the Tampa Bay area.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

It’s natural to have lots of questions about fire extinguishers – which one should I buy? What size do I need? What are the different types, and which one is right for me? Where do I store them, and how many do I want?

Let our knowledgeable staff and expert technicians guide you as we come up with a fire safety plan that’s right for your business. We can help you choose the size, type, and amount of extinguishers for your Tampa Bay company. We can even save you money by ensuring you are up to fire code while installing new portable fire extinguishers.

Whatever your fire extinguisher requirements, Tampa Bay Fire Equipment has what you need.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Tampa Bay Fire Equipment keeps your fire extinguishers serviced and maintained so they will perform as expected when you need them most. During an inspection, our experts conduct routine checks, testing, maintenance and verify you are up to date with all state of Florida codes, including NFPA 10 edition. All of our technicians are trained, experienced, and licensed to service and recharge portable fire extinguishers.

We perform:

  • Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspections.
  • 6-year maintenance. We break down your fire extinguisher and check it for damage. Then we replace the O-ring and gaskets, and recharge the extinguisher.
  • Hydro-tests. Every 12 years, you must break down and empty the extinguisher, test the cylinder for defects, and then recharge it with new chemicals before putting it back into service. For some classes of extinguisher, this service is required every 5 years.

Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Every 5-12 years, a fire extinguisher must be refilled or recharged to ensure maximum efficiency.

We are ready to support your business in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, Largo, New Port Richey, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, and Sarasota. Call us today to learn how we can meet your fire extinguisher needs!

Hydrostatic Testing Facility

Tampa Bay Fire Equipment is a DOT Certified Hydrostatic Testing facility that ensures reliability of pressure vessels and instills confidence that the appropriate DOT standards are strictly enforced.

Hydrostatic testing and visual inspections are performed to re-certify DOT Specifications, above 800psi for high pressure cylinders or vessels, we test using direct expansion water jacket method. Below 800psi low pressure we utilize the modified proof pressure method.  Both methods are inspected and monitored by DOT.  All equipment used is approved by the fire marshal’s office.